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Charlie Troman

Self taught, Charlie started his photographic career some 20 years ago as a still lifer. It is from this discipline that he developed his understanding of light and it's interaction with form and this is now reflected in his portraiture and lifestyle work. “Shoots should be fun and energetic, this brings out the most creativity in all involved.” Charlie is known for bringing vast quantities of energy to shoots and working tirelessly to produce amazing images for many brands over the years. He draws a lot of his inspiration from classical art which can be seen in his approach to lighting and narrative. Charlie works in the fields of Still Life, Portraiture, Publishing , Advertising and Fashion.

Past and Present Clients include:

Interflora Aviva Titleist Multiyork Greene King Charles Wells 3M Unilever Bentley Aston Martin Sunseeker Triumph Thermo Perkins Papworth Trust NHS BBC Proctor and Gamble Barclays Channel 4 Forest Holidays Vodafone Jabra Sainsburys John Lewis PGL Holidays Berkeley Timberland