The Wall

I recently had the opportunity to spend some time in Berlin.

I visited C/O Berlin and the Helmut Newton Foundation which are both great places to take in the greatest works.

I also found myself drawn to The Wall. Built in 1961 and was ripped down in 1989.

It has now been down longer than it was up. When it finally came down it came down really quick, and now you wouldn’t know if you were in East or West Berlin. The Wall has become a Memorial, a gallery, and a Tourist attraction…… at Checkpoint Charlie you can have a Big Mac one side and a KFC the other!

Berlin feels like a city that is no longer divided, we all know the history. Look out at the rest of the world at the moment and we are becoming more and more divided. We don’t need anymore walls.

Here is a few pics of The Wall and how people react to it.

Black and White Rainforests

Since the majority of what we shoot is now digital, I for one don’t shoot or process much in Black and White anymore. These are from a trip to St Lucia, where there is an abundance of colour but look lovely processed carefully in Black and White ... thank you Capture One! Still miss tri-x t-max hp5 though!